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the sands are soft in places and your car may get stuck in it. Avoid driving on the beach after dark as if you get stuck in the sand dunes, you may not be able to get any local help to pull your vehicle out. On the beach, this no electricity and after dark the only sources of light are the lights of the small beach-side shops which get their electricity from generators or batteries. As the evening progresses, the high tide causes the sea to rise. By 7-8 PM sea takes up almost a quarter of the total width of the beach. So, if you had visited the beach during daytime, be careful as the sea will definitely be nearer in the evening. Better to have a torch with you at all times after dark. See The beac Most people are here to hang out at the Tajpur beach. The waves tend to be calm and the water is often dotted with a few fisherman going about their daily routine. The Delta At the end of the Tajpur Beach, there is the 'mohana' or river delta place where a river meets the sea). There are some fishing settlements nearby. This place is about 5-6 km from the main part of the beach where most of the Tajpur hotels, Tajpur resorts are located and is really beautiful with a scenic backdrop. TAJPUR WESTBENGAL FOOD DETAILS 
On one sideof the river there are dense jhau trees, while on the other side is the fishing village. A bit further from the village on the other bank of the river is some dense vegetation. It is not realistic to attempt to cross over to the other side and go into this forest as it is actually quite distant, despite appearing to be quite close. You can watch the fishermen standing On Tajpur Beachor wading through knee deep water laying their nets or catching fish and crabs. Red crabs are visible over a large stretch of the beach near the Mohana. However, try to avoid this place after dark as it becomes very isolatedand you will not find any people, local or outsiders. Relax, swim and enjoy the beach. It is unlikely that anybody will disturb your privacy and the beauty of this beach is that you are not likely to have many other visitors around. Activities include fishing, table tennis, carrom, beach cricket, beach volleyball, and boat cruises. Sunbathing is best from October to February. However, this beach is not frequented by foreign tourists and so if you plan to sunbath here, be sure to keep in mind the local culture. Fresh fish Like Pomfreat, Prawn,Vetki,Parsey & crabs are sometimes available from the local fishermen. Most of the Tajpur resorts/Tajpur Hotels serve typical Bengali food and Kolkata-style Chinese cuisine. However, food is a bi costly since most of the items have to be brought from far away Balisai/Contai market. The local raw materials available in the nearby village will not usually serve therequirements of the hotels or resorts. Also, do not expect very high quality food as the hotels usually employ local people without much expertise as cooks. However, the food is hygienic and generally clean. Crab and prawn preperations are worth savouring. But negotiate the price beforehand.The beach also has a number of small eateries which sell tea and snacks. If you want to have meals from here, you have to place an order with the owners beforehand.These eateries make the food only 'on-demand' as per prior bookings from customers.